YEAH! “Young Europeans in Active Health”

“Young Europeans in Active Health” (YEAH) is an ERASMUS+ and etwinning project with 6 participating schools from different countries (Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Italy, Cyprus and Spain). It stems from the need to promote healthy habits among students and create an active and culturally conscious environment in our schools to reduce school dropout. The goal of the project is to increase students' willingness to adopt a more beneficial lifestyle for their health and become more aware about the importance of their physical and mental wellbeing. Also to provide individual tools to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines, opt for a balanced diet and become more active.

The project will take two school years (2018-19 and 2019-20).
During the project we are going to arrange class exchanges between the students of the participating countries and we will also organize 4 joint staff training sessions.
Teachers will be trained as coaches by other teachers within the project, who are experts in a healthy lifestyle, in using mindfulness activities with students, and who are experts in coaching and the personalised learning process of students (KED). We will use joint staff trainings to enhance skills in collaborative learning activities and exchange innovative ideas in teaching methods.
While participating in the student exchanges, our students get to cooperate with students from the partner schools and learn about the cultural heritage and traditional values of each partner country. The students will work on the topics related to health issues by carrying out different activities in workshops, during field trips to European organisations and companies.


The main objective of the project is to promote a healthy life and a healthy environment among the students, teachers and their area. With shared activities and exchange of good practices, we will increase the students’ awareness of the most important issues affecting their health and well-being. Through the activities we also want to foster and promote the cultural heritage as a source of knowledge to improve the quality of their present day lives with the aim to motivate the students to adopt a healthier and more ecological way of living.

The tangible results in students' daily well-being through the adoption of a healthier and less stressful /stress-free school experience should lead to increase student motivation, improvement of the professional development of teachers in coaching students towards the attainment of their emotional wellbeing and successful implementation of practices that promote personalized learning.

This Website will become a dissemination platform of the activites and mobilities carried out, to enhance the visibility of our project. Everyone will be able to keep track of the goals achieved in each country. At the end of the project we can suggest the publication of an article about our outcomes and share materials created throughout the project.

Moreover, we will integrate these activities in the schoolcurricula for at least one moment each week and during the exchanges students work together on the topics and carry out the activities as described. The students will create a portfolio as an ongoing activity during the project and they will be working on a recipe book that will be published in Twinspace.

Finally at a late stage of the project, we will use the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform to share the results of our project with other teachers and the school community in Europe.